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mexico in japan


HEMBRAMALA (エンブラマラ)は、今まで




HEMBRAMALA is a Japan-based cultural project that promotes Mexican art in Japan by selling unique art and design products of some of the most relevant artists in the Mexican contemporary art scene.

Our products are hand-picked exclusive items from different parts of the country. We hope to broaden the image of Mexico
showing its reality as a culture with a wide range of artistic proposals, and offer high-quality products available to everyone.

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Our Founders


Verónica Chávez

共同創設者 Co-founder

- 美術史専門で美術市場、経営経験あり。
- アート美術史専門。

- 2019〜 メキシコシティでBendita古着屋さんを運営

- 2018年メキシコのOMR ギャラリー補助。

- 2017年CREATPS Inc. 東京国際プロモーションを運営。

- 2011年Casa Lammギャラリーの営業、アートイベントの部長。

- 2010年様々なプライベートアートコレクションのためアートカタログを制作。

2019 (ongoing) Manages the vintage clothing shop Bendita in Mexico City

- 2018 Worked as Gallery Assistant at Galería OMR in Mexico City.

- 2017 Worked as International Operations at CREATPS Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. 

- 2011-2014 Worked as Sales Coordinator and Project Manager at Galería Casa Lamm in Mexico City.

- 2010-Present Worked as Art Cataloguer for several Private Art Collections in Mexico City.

- Has a BA in Art History from Casa Lamm.



Lisander Martínez

共同創設者 Co-founder

- 美術史専門で国際日本研究の博士

- 2020年〜 筑波大学の非常勤講師

- 2018年に筑波大学の国際日本研究専攻の博士の学位取得。

- 2013年にMaterial Art Fairでフロアーマネージャとして運営。

- 2012年のEthraギャラリーのキュレーター。

- 2011年にEl Colegio de Méxicoの日本


- 2009 Casa Lammの研究者や品カタログを作成。


- Art Historian, and Ph.D. in International and Advanced Japanese Studies.

- 2020 (ongoing) Works as a Part-time Professor in the University of Tsukuba

- 2018 Graduated from University of Tsukuba from the Doctoral Program in International and Advanced Japanese Studies 

- 2013 Worked as Floor Manager in the first edition of Material Art Fair in Mexico City.

- 2012 Worked as Curator at Galería Ethra in Mexico City.

- 2011 Graduated from El Colegio de Mexico's Master Program in Japanese Studies.

- 2009 Worked as Researcher and Cataloguer at Galería Casa Lamm in Mexico City

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