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Christian Castañeda

Drawing, Painting, Print

1982年メキシコシティに生まれ、メキシコのLa Esmeraldaの国立美術大学2008年度卒業しました。Christian Castañedaの作品がデザイン、インスタレーション、写真タテゥーの領域に開発しました。絵でオクルト信仰、魔法、恐れ、死亡、孤独、パラレルワールドの研究を通じてChristian Castañedaは世界の限界を叙述します。

Born in Mexico City in 1982, Christian Castañeda graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture, and Printmaking "La Esmeralda" (2003-2008). Her artistic production has developed within the field of design, installation, and photography, and more recently the tattoo. Through the research of occultism, magic, fear, death, loneliness, abandonment, fragility and alternate realities, Christian depicts the boundaries between worlds focusing on the study of myth, abstraction and symbolic-sacred reality.

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