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Gilberto Hernández


Gilberto Hernández (ヒルベルト•エルナンデス)は1986年にメキシコシティーに生まれた独学画家です。それにシネマにも興味があり、映画撮影術を勉強しました。現在、ドキュメンタレー、ビデオ、TV広告をやっています。しかし、学際的な行動に関心を持って、表現の方法を絶えず探して、イラスト、絵、グラフィックデザイン、アニメーション業界にもプロジェクトを発展しています。

Gilberto Hernández was born in 1986 in Mexico City. He is a self-taught painter and illustrator that later also found his path in photography as his discipline of choice. Thus, he majored in cinema and nowadays continues to develop within that field creating documentaries, videoclips and advertisements. However, his interest for interdisciplinary activities keeps him in a constant search for ways of expression, thus working in the last few years with illustrations, painting, graphic design and animations.

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